Since the existence of the architecture until its current evolution, its out mots goal has always been to fullfill what is known as “the emptyness”. Unconsciciously connecting philosophical reality with between what it is by itself and how it is socially named. This way a new type of woman is born, adapted to this reality looping forward to breaking the established Suances and to redesingning them according to its new emptyness. Using the architechture and the light as a solution to the promise hope. Kaleidotechture bows at her requirements provinding her a suitable outfit and so versatile to any situation that this femenine generation can face. Straight and pure lines mixed with milimetric patterns wrapped with kaleidoscopic burst of colors. Noble fabrics like silk combined with sintetic digital patterns. Laser cut, crochet and many others handmade techniques work together in harmony. In conclusion, a contemporany and feminin vision from danddy of XXI Century: the woman.